Forging My Way – Counterfeit Kit Challenge

Forgeries on the Fourth is the first mini-challenge in the Counterfeit Kit Challenge. Those joining in with the challenge try and make some embellishments or papers from the DSC_0287_edited-1_1024x1024original Crisp Apple Classic kit designed by Noel Mignon.

I started early and made some hand cut paper bows in a similar fashion to the Apple Crisp kit bows but I added metallic buttons for a little bling. I am not a scrapper or fashionista who indulges in bows so it will be a challenge for me to include them in my layouts.


Then I had a go at reproducing some autumn leaf embellishments. I decided to use my recent Tim Holtz mini distress dies and some very old stamps. I am not even sure what brand they are, they are made with purple rubber and are very detailed with defined veins. I used up some little scraps of cardstock and patterned paper, stamping the images on with two colours of ink per leaf. I then added some glitter glitz to several of the leaves and fussy cut out the remaining leaves. The glitter leaves will be fussy cut when needed.

I also pulled out some very old small craft punches with three different leaf designs. My first attempt to punch them through cardstock proved disastrous, even with brute force. After some help from hubby who offered and also failed, we got out some Alfoil (aluminium foil) and folded it several times then punched away in the hope of sharpening the punches. It didn’t work 😦

I then decided to try some patterned paper and we had more success, yes, I said we because Hubby had got into the crafting groove and was helping me create a pile of autumn leaves. He is usually the person in the garden raking up the leaves. I plan to use the leaves in my very first layout which will feature photos of our autumn trees planted on our property 20 years ago by my husband.2018-09-05 06.43.22

2 thoughts on “Forging My Way – Counterfeit Kit Challenge

  1. This is my favourite time of year and I particularly love the different leaves and colours so your forgeries really grabbed my attention! The bows are adorable but it would be the leaves that would find their way onto my layouts! Great job


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