All Year Long! – Counterfeit Kit

Layout number two using my September Counterfeit Kit. A little bit quirky, I imagine not many people scrapbook photos of socks but these socks are special to me. My lovely daughters gave them to me on Mother’s Day this year. Well, they didn’t just give me one pair of bed socks, they gave me nine pairs! You see, I have this weird obsession in wearing these socks while at home for most of the year, partly because we have no floor IMG_3591coverings and partly because they are comfy. We have concrete floors and the socks keep my feet warm and create a sense of relaxation. If I have socks on inside it means me time, a little Netflix, some painting, some crafting, some wine (not every day) and maybe a little chocolate or cheese. Who would think a pair of 99c socks could create such luxury. It’s the simple things in life.

After layout #1, I wanted to keep playing with the sewing machine and my distress oxide inks. I put my pale blue and white snowflake bedsocks on and got started. First up, some inspiration! In my recent cull, I decided that I would get rid of at least half of my IMG_3571scrapbook magazines. Like most scrappers now I use the internet for inspiration. The half I have kept I have to use for scrap lifts or if there is nothing useful in the mag they get passed on to my Mum who also scraps. Today’s inspiration came from an old 2007 Canadian magazine, with a layout called Family by Summer Fullerton. I think this may be her blog but I could be wrong, there may be another Summer Fullerton.

The reason I decided to have a go scrap lifting this layout was that Summer had machine stitched the heart photos and papers together, much like a quilt. I thought this idea would give my layout a cosy feeling to go with the socks.

First up, I sketched a heart shape onto a piece of white 12×12 scrap paper. Then I cut out the heart and used it as a template to cut a heart from my patterned paper.

I added some colour to my white background cardstock using the oxide inks and the plastic bag technique.IMG_3573

Then, I roughed up the edges of the heart using my fingernail and attached it to the cardstock.

Next, I worked on creating the central heart, joining my photos and patterned paper together onto my template and trimming it to a heart shape. Then I stitched it together using a zigzag stitch. Both hearts were machined stitched to the background.

Embellishments and the title were added.


The finished layout. I may add my journaling to the top left corner of the heart. On to layout number 3!

3 thoughts on “All Year Long! – Counterfeit Kit

  1. Oh, how adorable!!!! A like-minded gal!!! The layout is fantastic and I’m stunned that the photo is from May yet your paper and embellishments for September (kit) are working great to complement! Keep on crafting!


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